11 July, 2023

Programming D-STAR on the ICOM ID-880H - KB3KAI

There are those out there who have mastered the intricacies of the ICOM menu system.  I’m not one of them.

Having tried and failed to get my ID-880 talking on D-STAR, I purchased a $20 USB programming cable (eBay).  I then installed both CHIRP and ICOM programming software, downloaded & saved the current radio program.  Now I could finally see what the heck was going on and assign values where they need to go.  The next problem was figuring out repeater commands.  How do you change reflectors so you can link to a new one?  How do you talk to another ham direct?  I couldn’t find ANY clear, useful information on the local repeater guides or reflector systems.  Eventually I found this guide: ircDDB Gateway User Commands

After much experimenting and testing I was finally talking on the local repeater!  I made a screen image of the CHIRP programming software and added notes, see image below.  Perhaps you will find it useful.  Click to view full size image:

ICOM D-STAR programming (CHIRP)