11 July, 2023

QRZ Logbook - A Simple Option for QSO Logging - KB3KAI

I was keeping track of new contacts on the amateur radio in a (notepad) text file. The limitations were becoming very obvious so I tried a few popular software downloads. All the software I tried do a whole bunch of things including looking up call sign details, QSL card handling, contesting, etc. But I am a simple man with simple needs.

I finally came across the QRZ logbook (video demo below). It is drop-dead easy to use, fast and free, with no need to install stuff on my computer. If my computer crashes, so what, the web-based logbook will still be there. You can download data backups to store locally, and optionally subscribe (pay) to connect with data services like the ARRL Logbook of the World. Seems legit.