11 July, 2023

My Kenwood TW-4000A FM Dual Bander VHF/UHF

Kenwood TW-4000A

Straight outta ’83: The Kenwood TW-4000A FM Dual Bander

This is my second radio and it still works good.  Due to life circumstances I’ve had to sell my fancy newer radios, so now I’m bringing back analog with the Kenwood TW4000.  It’s fun using the old rig again!  Let’s consider the game-changing features:

  • 10 Memory Channels:  I have the top ten nearby frequencies programmed in.  I mean, how many people can I talk with at the same time, anyway?
  • No Menu Button:  Menus? We don’t need no stinkin’ menus!
  • Blistering 25 Watt Output:  Does the job, ’nuff said.
  • Kenwood Duplexer:  Combines VHF and UHF sides into the same coax and up the antenna.  Nifty.
  • Optional TU-4C Tone Board:  Takes you from no tones to two tones; you can choose one tone to transmit with VHF, and another tone for UHF.  Choose your CTCSS carefully via DIP switches under the radio.  Fun times.
  • Optional VS-1 Voice Synthesizer:  It’s in there, but doesn’t work.  Never did.
  • MC-48 DTMF Microphone:  It has a number touchpad on the back, good for autopatch.  I’ve never used a repeater with autopatch and there are none in the area, but I can pretend.
  • Big Power Button:  In the upper right corner, combined with volume and squelch control.  Good old scratchy potentiometers.  When you need to power the radio in a hurry, there’s no need to hunt and peck at a tiny plastic button.  Just give the old school power button a good whack and you’re in business.
  • Green Backlit Display:  You can choose either dim green or bright green.  Simplicity relieves you of the burden of choice!  No glowing amber, retina-straining blue or tutti-fruitti rainbows here.
  • Handy Reverse Button:  Quickly snoop to see if that guy on the repeater is near you.  ‘Cause you never know.
  • Mounting Bracket:  When things need mounting, you need a mounting bracket.